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Apart from the direct economic effect of any great strike upon the consuming public, the community is under a definite moral obligation to try and reach a right conclusion on the issue and to use the weight of its opinion to secure a fair and equitable settlement. In the course of any strike of importance immediate tribute is paid by both sides to the power of the public. This is evidenced by the various statements of their respective cases which emanate from each side. Labour is specially sensitive to the control of public opinion, and is the first to realize the hopelessness of protracting any strike against which public opinion is hardening. Therefore, both in regard to ascertainment of facts and an intelligent determination of the merits of each industrial controversy, the public is laid under great obligations.

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In municipal administration of industries and services there should be the same kind of machinery of Joint Boards for collective bargaining as in the national industries. Between 1905 and 1910 new socialistic beliefs of a Syndicalist character began to be absorbed by sections of Trade Unionists, especially the miners and the engineers, who soon exhibited a spirit of revolt not only against the capitalistic system, but more especially against the limited aims of contemporary Trade Unionism. Connolly, who was afterwards executed for complicity in the Irish Rebellion of 1916, came from the United States of America in 1905, and persuaded the Socialist Labour Party of Glasgow to link up forces with the American Industrial Workers of the World. Mann, who was recently the Secretary of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, brought the seeds of revolutionary Syndicalism from Paris and sowed them personally by means of a widespread campaign. As organized Labour were concerned, were the establishment of communist colonies, the common ownership of land and of the means of production, social reform, democratic political organization, greater freedom for Trade Unions and improvement in wages and working conditions.


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Must be allowed, in which, if objections are received, the Minister must order a public inquiry to be held by some person not in Government employment, unless he decides to amend or withdraw the order, or unless the objections are merely frivolous. On receiving the report of the inquiry, the Minister then decides whether he should make an Order with a view to establishing the proposed Trade Board or not. Before the creation of the Ministry of Labour in 1916, a general surveillance of labour conditions was maintained by the Chief Industrial Commissioner’s Department of the Board of Trade. The Ministry of Labour was formed in 1916 and absorbed the Chief Industrial Commissioner’s Department, and took over also from the Board of Trade the administration of Unemployment Insurance, Trade Boards and Labour Exchanges. An international loan by the League of Nations to enable impoverished countries to resume normal production. Trained as school teachers, and additional bursaries granted to the secondary schools, universities and technical colleges for pupils from the elementary schools, who would otherwise go into industry.

Russia is one of the world’s largest producers of energy, most of which it obtains from oil, natural gas and coal. The country’s focus on those resources for production and export, which constitute 80% of foreign trade earnings, means it has paid little attention to renewable energy. Out of the 203 GW of electric generation capacity that Russia has, 44 GW comes from hydroelectricity, 307 MW from geothermal, 15 MW from wind and negligible amounts from other renewable sources. In 2009, the Russian energy industry generated a total 992 TWh of electricity, 176 TWh of which was produced by hydroelectric power stations. Some of Russia’s hydroelectric power plants are outdated and are in need of additional investment, as shown by the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP in 2009.

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The employers then assert with equal emphasis their inability to pay any increase. There should be, and indeed is, a better method of procedure. Beneficially use its credit to assist sound trading between this and foreign countries and to enable works to be carried out which provide employment; and so long as the Government employs the normal machinery of finance and commerce, much can be done in this way to further the restoration of trade and industry. The guarantee of loans so ably administered by the Advisory Committee under the Trade Facilities Act, 1921, is materially encouraging sound commercial business.

Russia is one of the largest grain producers, has a well-developed ethyl alcohol industry and has increasing rapeseed production rates. The Russian government declared in 2008 that it would play an active role in developing the biofuel industry by building 30 new biofuel plants and providing tax breaks and subsidized interest rates to biofuel energy projects. Although these plans were delayed, on 13 September 2010, Medvedev announced that construction would begin in early 2011. Biobutanol, the biofuel produced by these plants, would be produced from timber by-products, such as woodchips and sawdust. Geothermal energy is the second most used form of renewable energy in Russia but represents less than 1% of the total energy production. The first geothermal power plant in Russia was built at Pauzhetka, Kamchatka, in 1966, with a capacity of 5 MW.

On the other hand, men’s ears were dinned with the mobile excellencies of democracy, its extraordinary versatility in adjusting men to their environment, and in modulating the qualities of the latter to its human content, and the air vibrated with theories of political self-determination. Democratic Government was being hailed as the balm for Europe, and what was more natural than that industrial self-determination under the name of “democratic control” should be acclaimed by Labour as the restorative of industry. So the new ship was built and called “Nationalization and Democratic Control.” Put into the water in 1918, it still lies a mere hull, unengined, unfinished and unclassed.

During the war, the Exchanges were very largely used by the Government for the purpose of organizing the supply of labour for munitions and essential services. Where there is no effective organization, the only practicable method is for the Minister to nominate members selected to represent the various types of work done in the trade and the various districts where it is carried on. The number of members varies according to the needs of the trade. Where women are largely employed in the trade, at least one of the “appointed members” must be a woman. Supplementary to the Whitley Councils, voluntary conciliation boards and similar procedure, which are responsible for the settlement of the bulk of the differences that arise, there exists the State machinery—on the one hand, the Industrial Court; on the other hand, the Trade Boards for poorly organized trades.